ADULT DAY HEALTH SERVICES (ADHS) is a daytime program administered by The Salvation Army that fosters healthy aging and provides a multidisciplinary approach to caring for frail or disabled older adults.  Our goal is to prevent and delay placement in institutionalized care and provide and option for older adults to remain at home and in the community longer. ADHS provides peace of mind for families and caretakers who work during the day, knowing their loved ones are in good care. ADHS provides an option to institutional placement for those who prefer to remain at home in the community and with families for as long as possible. ADHS is a licensed program under the State Department of Health.


Tuition fees are based on a participant's level of care and range from $55 to $85 per day. Grant assistance is available for all participants aged 65 and older. You may inquire about the availability of funds at the time of the admission interview.


Please download the appropriate forms below if you wish to apply to the Adult Day Health Services. Thank you.


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Adult Day Health Services
296 North Vineyard Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Phone: (808) 521-6553