We are fortunate to have the support of caring and compassionate men and women in our community who work alongside The Salvation Army to help in its mission of mercy. They serve on our Advisory Boards and Councils to provide much needed counsel in many areas that expand the Army's work. We thank each one of them for their generous service.

Honolulu Advisory Board Members

Craig Chong, Advisory Board Chair
David Arita
Murray Bawden, Property Committee Chair
Daniel Cody, Program Committee Chair

Jeff Emerson
Jack Flanagan
Signe Godfrey
Ken Harding (L), Board Development Committee Chair
Jan Kaeo
Melissa Lauer
Judith Lee

Billie Takaki Lueder
Melvin Mow
Ritchie Mudd, Thanksgiving Committee Chair
Kathleen Novak
Caroline Ward Oda
Nancy Pace
Robert Robinson
Mary Ann Sacharski

Fred Schulz
John Seth (L)
Helene “Sam” Shenkus
Donna Takeda
Carleton Williams, Development Committee Chair
Kendric Wong
Jimmy Yamada
(L) Life Member


For more information on The Salvation Army Advisory Boards and resources, visit MySABoard.org.