Addiction is a primary cause of ruined lives and shattered dreams. The Salvation Army knows all too well the importance of treatment and rehabilitation to help those suffering from substance abuse. It has programs that directly address the needs of men and women who want to change their lives.

Addiction Treatment Services

Provides a comprehensive continuum of substance abuse treatment services for adult men and women with alcohol and/or drug problems. Accredited levels of care include detoxification, residential treatment, day treatment, and outpatient treatment. More information

Adult Rehabilitation Center

A 75-bed residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for adult males that offers a work therapy programs. It also oversees the 4 family thrift stores located on the island of Oahu. More information

Family Treatment Services

Through a network of interrelated programs, Family Treatment Services provides substance abuse treatment specifically designed for women with children. It provides specialized mental health services for young children and their parents. More information